UK’s Cleverly criticizes Hong Kong police for issuing arrest warrants for activists

British Foreign Minister James Cleverly has expressed criticism over the Hong Kong police’s decision to issue arrest warrants for eight overseas activists. Cleverly stated that the UK government will not tolerate any attempts by China to intimidate individuals and emphasized their commitment to defending the universal right to freedom of expression.

Taking to Twitter, Cleverly described the arrest warrants as an example of China’s extraterritorial law and its authoritarian reach. He expressed concern about the implications of these actions on individuals residing in the UK and overseas. In a released statement, he reiterated the UK’s stance, stating that they would not allow China to intimidate or silence individuals. The UK government is committed to standing up for those who are targeted and ensuring that the universal right to freedom of expression is protected.

Cleverly’s remarks highlight the growing international concern over China’s actions and their impact on human rights and freedom of expression. The arrest warrants issued by Hong Kong police for overseas activists have raised alarm among foreign governments and organizations who fear the erosion of civil liberties and the stifling of dissent. The UK, in particular, has been vocal in its support for democracy and human rights, and Cleverly’s comments underscore the government’s unwavering commitment to these principles in the face of China’s actions.

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