Kyiv Update: Essential Information for the Mid-Afternoon

Escalation of Air Strikes: Russian and Ukrainian Forces Clash in Aftermath of Kyiv’s Assault on Crimea Bridge

Here are the Latest Updates:

Aerial Offensives: Ukrainian military reported successful interception of multiple Russian missiles and drones launched from the Black Sea towards Odesa on Tuesday. Simultaneously, Russia’s defense ministry announced their air defenses foiled a major Ukrainian drone attack aimed at Crimea. Retaliatory Strikes: Moscow retaliated against the Kerch bridge attack by launching a series of drone and missile strikes on Odesa, according to Russia’s Defense ministry. Ukrainian Air Force successfully intercepted all six Russian Kalibr cruise missiles and a significant number of Iran-made Shahed attack drones targeting the city.

Wagner Forces in Belarus: Satellite imagery and social media videos revealed the arrival of the first convoy of Wagner forces at a previously unused military base in Belarus. Additional convoys are en route, marking the public appearance of Wagner forces after their failed mutiny. Airstrike Tragedy in Zaporizhzhia: In the past 24 hours, heavy Russian fire hit around two dozen Ukrainian frontline settlements in the southeastern Zaporizhzhia region. As a result, a 72-year-old woman lost her life, and multiple civilian facilities were damaged, according to Ukrainian military officials.

Black Sea Grain Deal at Risk: Ukraine’s Presidential office expressed concern that Russia’s withdrawal from the Black Sea grain deal could jeopardize the food exports on which approximately 400 million people rely for their sustenance.

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