19 Wild Boars Captured and Relocated from Bukit Panjang following Recent Attacks

Nineteen Wild Boars Removed from Bukit Panjang Area Following Attacks

The National Parks Board (NParks) has taken measures to address the recent wild boar attacks in Bukit Panjang by installing exclusion fences and deploying cattle grids, according to Mr. Tan Kiat How, Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of National Development. These preventive measures have proved effective in restricting the access of wild boars. The installation of exclusion fencing and cattle grids at three access points has also been carried out to prevent wild boars from entering Zhenghua Nature Park.

Responding to questions from Members of Parliament, Mr. Tan highlighted that wild boars have a high reproductive rate, necessitating active management of their population as they lack natural predators in Singapore. NParks has undertaken habitat modification, including the removal of oil palms, to reduce their food sources. In cases where necessary, NParks removes wild boars to ensure public safety.

The successful implementation of these measures has helped maintain a stable and lower population density of wild boars in nature reserves compared to similar forest reserves in the region, as per studies conducted by NParks.

Two recent attacks involving a woman and a man prompted Mr. Tan to advise dog owners to avoid walking their pets at night due to the increased risk of encountering nocturnal wildlife. In the event of a wild boar sighting, dog owners are advised to keep their dogs close, tighten the leash, and move away quietly and swiftly.

Although Bukit Panjang and Zhenghua Nature Park do not have a resident wild boar population, their proximity to nature reserves and forested areas such as Chestnut Nature Park and Dairy Farm Nature Park occasionally attracts wild boars. NParks will continue monitoring the situation closely and take necessary steps to mitigate risks associated with wild boars in the area.

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