Luxury Hotel in Mexico Suspends Operations Following Tragic Deaths of American Couple

Luxury Hotel Owned by Hyatt in Mexico Temporarily Suspends Operations Following Tragic Deaths of American Couple

In response to the devastating deaths of a young California couple, a luxury hotel in Mexico, owned by Hyatt, has announced the temporary suspension of its normal operations, as confirmed by the hotel to CBS Los Angeles.

The deceased couple, Abby Lutz, 28, and her boyfriend John Heathco, 41, were discovered lifeless in their hotel room last Tuesday, prompting an immediate investigation.

A spokesperson for Hyatt expressed that the safety and well-being of their guests and staff are of utmost importance, and the hotel will not resume normal operations until a thorough investigation has been completed, as stated in a statement provided to CBS Los Angeles.

Initially, local police suspected gas inhalation as the cause of death. However, prosecutors in Mexico’s Baja California Sur state later revealed that autopsies suggested Lutz and Heathco died from “intoxication by an undetermined substance.” The state prosecutors’ office mentioned that no signs of violence were found on the bodies but did not disclose further steps being taken to determine the exact cause of death.

According to authorities, the couple had already been deceased for approximately 11 or 12 hours when they were discovered in their room at Rancho Pescadero, a luxurious hotel located near the popular resort of Cabo San Lucas.

The family of Abby Lutz shared with CBS News that a few days before their tragic deaths, the couple sought medical treatment, suspecting food poisoning. They spent a night in a Mexican hospital, receiving treatment for dehydration. However, they returned to their hotel the following day.

Lutz’s stepsister, Gabby Slate, revealed that Abby had described the illness as the worst she had ever experienced. The family’s last communication with Abby was a text message she sent to her father, saying “good night, love you,” on Monday night.

Meanwhile, the paramedic siblings, Fernando Valencia Sotelo and Grisel Valencia Sotelo, who responded to the incident in an attempt to revive the couple, fell ill themselves and are now burdened with medical expenses. A fundraiser has been organized to support their medical care at a private hospital.

The tragic deaths of Abby Lutz and John Heathco have deeply impacted their families, the hotel staff, and the local community. The investigation into the circumstances surrounding their deaths is ongoing, and the hotel remains committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its guests and employees before resuming normal operations.

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