Explorers Club President Richard Garriott expresses optimism and hope amid the ongoing search efforts for the missing submersible.

Richard Garriott, President of the Explorers Club, expressed his optimism and support for the ongoing search and rescue mission of the missing OceanGate submersible. In a statement released late Tuesday evening, Garriott highlighted the collective efforts of Explorers Club members to provide their expertise and resources to aid in the search.

Notably, Hamish Harding, a founding member of the Explorers Club and a passenger on the missing submersible, holds a significant role within the organization as a board trustee. Garriott acknowledged the support and readiness of club members and affiliates, particularly mentioning the Magellan’s 6,000-meter certified remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) based in the UK, which have previous experience at the Titanic site.

Expressing gratitude towards the U.S. Coast Guard, international teams, and commercial operators involved in the search, Garriott emphasized the collective commitment to locating the missing submersible. He conveyed that members of the Explorers Club have “cause for hope” as the search effort continues.

The OceanGate Titan submersible has been missing since Sunday morning, and the search and rescue mission is ongoing.

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