Buying ads on Twitter is ‘high risk’ according to the world’s largest advertising agency – BDStory

Twitter could be in big trouble when it comes to generating ad revenue: GroupM, part of WPP, the world’s largest advertising company – and Twitter’s largest publisher – reportedly tells its customers that buying ads on the platform is “high risk” is, according to Platform game and Digiday. That makes it the third advertising juggernaut … Read more sent $400 million to the wrong recipient, but got it back this time – BDStory has just admitted to making another very big and worrisome writing error: it accidentally sent 320,000 in Ethereum (~$416 million USD) to another cryptocurrency exchange called about three weeks ago (via Web3 is just going great). In a message on CEO Kris Marszalek Says the Company Was supposed to send the crypto … Read more

Tumblr sells you two useless blue ticks for $8 – BDStory

Tumblr is enjoying a resurgence thanks to some recent policy changes and ongoing chaos on Twitter, and that has drawn some real-life celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Lynda Carter to the platform. However, unlike most major social networks, Tumblr does not verify the authenticity of high-profile accounts. That has caused some confusion, because without a … Read more