Now 1Password remembers sites that use third-party accounts such as Google or Facebook to log in – BDStory

Password management provider 1Password just launched its new “login with” feature that automatically saves and populates logins with third-party credentials. So 1Password can now give customers the option to log in with just one click to sites or apps that require their Google, Apple, GitHub or Facebook credentials, for example. Users now no longer need … Read more

Warner Bros. Discovery and Amazon are teaming up to produce new animated DC projects – BDStory

During a keynote session at C21Media’s annual Content London event this week, Warner Bros. Television Studios president Channing Dungey shares some of the new steps the company plans to take as part of Zaslav’s vision for the future. According to Variety, Dungey expressed excitement about her division in particular, pointing to Zaslav’s openness to working … Read more

Spotify Wrapped 2022 is here, and everyone is getting a ‘music personality’ – BDStory

Spotify Wrapped is here, and with it a slew of year-end charts, data, and images ripe for sharing. Beyond the standard personal data (top artists, songs, etc.), Spotify is providing listeners with socially-friendly metrics that the company hopes will generate the kind of buzz it has had in the past, urging competitors like Apple Music … Read more

The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max may be in short supply during the holiday season – BDStory

Workers at the massive Foxconn facility have reportedly been forced to live on site in an effort to contain a covid outbreak. Protests ensued, with workers citing withheld wages and poor conditions, prompting Foxconn to offer some newly hired workers $1,400 to leave the facility. When the strict lockdown measures went into effect earlier this … Read more

Elon Musk postpones Twitter’s paid verification to avoid Apple’s 30 percent cut – BDStory

Twitter’s revamped Blue subscription may not be available as an in-app purchase on iOS when it eventually relaunches, so it can dodge Apple’s 30 percent off App Store purchases, according to Platform game. When the new Blue was available for a short time earlier this month, it was possible nothing but buy it through Twitter’s … Read more

Apple Music’s year-end review, Replay, is slightly better this year – BDStory

The best of 2022 lists and year-end recaps are just around the corner, including Spotify Wrapped, the streaming platform’s flashy interactive feature that’s become an annual tradition that overtakes social media by a few days. Its main competitor, Apple Music, also made some chart hits for listeners, and this time comes with some changes. Apple … Read more