The latest The Witcher: Blood Origin trailer puts Jaskier in the prequel – BDStory

Netflix’s first full trailer for The Witcher: Blood Origin shines one spotlight on the prequel’s main characters, played by Michelle Yeoh, Sophia Brown and Laurence O’Fuarain. But it also comes with a bit of a surprise at the very end, revealing the return of Joey Batey’s Jaskier.

The return of the bard doesn’t make much sense yet, as the series is set 1200 years earlier The witcher, but it could have something to do with the massive monoliths in the trailer that “cause tears between worlds.” Towards the end of the trailer, Jaskier’s lute appears, while Minnie Driver’s Seanchai, a character described by Netflix as a “shape-shifting collector of ancient lore with the ability to travel between time and worlds,” asks a scruffy-looking Jaskier to “sing a story”. back to life.”

Aside from Jaskier’s unexpected return, the new trailer also highlights the entire team of outcasts who must come together to fight against an “unstoppable empire,” and gives us a glimpse of Lenny Henry as Chief Sage Balor. In addition to Yeoh’s Scian, Brown’s Eile, and O’Fuarain’s Fjall, the series will star Mirren Mack as Princess Merwyn, Francesca Mills as Meldof, Huw Novelli as Brother Death, and Zach Wyatt and Lizzie Annis as the celestial twin sages, Syndril and Zacaré.

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