Pre-orders for PlayStation VR2 are now available without invitation

Pre-orders for PlayStation VR2 appear to be currently open to anyone with a PlayStation account, no special invite required. When pre-orders first opened last month, you had to register in advance and then be selected by Sony in order to place an order for the PSVR2. But as of this writing, you can pre-order Sony’s next-gen VR headset from the PlayStation Direct website and receive it within a week of its February launch.

I actually found this out in an accident Thursday night. I signed up for the pre-order, but to my disappointment never received an email. I thought it was a sign from the universe that I should just buy the headset at a different time next year.

But while I was browsing through PlayStation Direct, I found that I was able to put the headset in my shopping cart, even though I hadn’t received any notification from Sony. I immediately placed an order. Two of my colleagues not had registered for the pre-order were able to put the headset in their PlayStation Direct carts on Friday morning.

PlayStation VR2 will be released on February 22nd and Sony says my order will be delivered between then and February 28th. But if you want to pre-order, you should know that the hardware is not cheap. The headphone begins for $549.99, and the bundle with Sony’s flagship launch title, Horizon Call of the Mountain (which just got a new trailer on Thursday), costs $599.99. And a PS5 it is obliged to use PSVR2, which means you’re looking at a minimum price of $949.99 to check out Sony’s latest VR hardware.

I’ll be honest I haven’t decided yet if I keep my pre-order. VR is expensive! But if you also use the choice of a PSVR2 at launch, you can now order one without a special invite. We don’t know if pre-orders will remain open until launch, though, so if you want one you may want to pre-order sooner rather than later.

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