Kyiv Update: Essential Information for the Mid-Afternoon

Escalation of Air Strikes: Russian and Ukrainian Forces Clash in Aftermath of Kyiv’s Assault on Crimea Bridge Here are the Latest Updates: Aerial Offensives: Ukrainian military reported successful interception of multiple Russian missiles and drones launched from the Black Sea towards Odesa on Tuesday. Simultaneously, Russia’s defense ministry announced their air defenses foiled a major … Read more

“Western Allies Unfazed by Limited Battlefield Progress, Assures Kyiv”

Kyiv maintains that its Western allies are not exerting pressure for quick results, despite a relatively slow start to Ukraine’s anticipated summer offensive against Russian forces. The counteroffensive, which began in June, has faced tougher resistance than expected, resulting in progress being measured in hundreds of meters rather than tens of kilometers. Ukraine had aimed … Read more

“North Korea’s Missile Program: What Lies Ahead?”

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has unveiled an ambitious plan to establish a credible nuclear deterrent, aiming for an arsenal powerful enough to deter any potential adversary, particularly the United States. Experts suggest that Kim has set forth an extensive agenda for weapons modernization, with intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) being just one aspect. Other … Read more

“Ukraine Consolidates Gains in South, Says Troops”

Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister, Hanna Maliar, announced on Thursday that Ukrainian troops have successfully reclaimed territory in the country’s south. Several settlements, including Novodanylivka, Mala Tokmachka, and Novopokrovka, have been captured by Kyiv’s forces, according to Maliar. It’s important to note that CNN cannot independently verify battlefield reports from either side of the conflict. Additionally, … Read more

“Putin Warns Russia Could Withdraw from Grain Deal if Demands Are Not Met”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a warning on Thursday, stating that Russia may exit the Black Sea grain deal if its demands are not fulfilled. The agreement is set to expire on Monday. During an on-camera interview with journalist Pavel Zarubin, Putin expressed his perspective, saying, “As one of the options, let’s not start … Read more

US Defense Chief Defends Decision to Provide Cluster Munitions to Ukraine

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin defended the controversial decision to supply Ukraine with cluster munitions, stating that Ukraine is fighting to defend its sovereign territory and not seeking to invade other countries. Speaking to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Austin highlighted that Russia has been using cluster munitions since the beginning of the conflict. Cluster munitions … Read more

“Great things accomplished” at NATO summit, says US defense chief

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and U.S. White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan participated in a bilateral meeting between U.S. President Joe Biden and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan at the NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania on July 11, 2023. During the summit, significant achievements were made, and one … Read more

“Ukraine’s Air Force Downs Russian Drones and Missiles Overnight, Says Military”

In a dramatic escalation of the conflict, Ukraine’s air defenses successfully intercepted and shot down a series of weapons launched by Russia overnight. According to the Ukrainian Air Force, the onslaught included missiles and 20 drones of Iranian origin. The Air Force released a statement on Telegram confirming that the attack drones deployed by Russian … Read more

South Koreans protest Japan’s Fukushima wastewater release

Hundreds of South Koreans took to the streets in Seoul on Saturday to protest against Japan’s plans to release treated wastewater from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant. The demonstrations occurred a day after the South Korean government officially endorsed the safety of Japan’s plans, stating that the water’s contamination levels would meet acceptable standards … Read more

Russia’s Medvedev predicts long-lasting standoff with West and permanent Ukraine conflict

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has issued a warning, stating that the confrontation between Moscow and the West will persist for decades, and the conflict with Ukraine could become permanent. Once regarded as a liberal reformer in the West, Medvedev has taken on a more hawkish stance since Russia’s military involvement in Ukraine began. As … Read more