OceanGate Co-Founder Urges Optimism as Search for Lost Sub Continues

OceanGate Co-Founder Expresses Importance of Remaining Hopeful as Search for Lost Sub Continues

In the ongoing efforts to locate the missing submersible and its five occupants on the Titanic expedition, Guillermo Sohnlein, co-founder and former CEO of OceanGate, has emphasized the significance of the current day in the rescue mission.

Shortly after Sohnlein’s statement, which urged people to maintain hope for a successful recovery, the U.S. Coast Guard announced the discovery of a “debris field” within the designated underwater search area.

Sohnlein, who considers Stockton Rush, the CEO of OceanGate and pilot of the submersible, as a friend, shared a personal message on Facebook. He mentioned their recent conversation just weeks prior to the ill-fated expedition.

While it has been estimated that the submersible carried approximately 96 hours of emergency oxygen, Sohnlein expressed optimism about the potential for an extended survival period.

He wrote, “Today will be a critical day in this search and rescue mission, as the sub’s life support supplies are starting to run low. I’m certain that Stockton and the rest of the crew realized days ago that the best thing they can do to ensure their rescue is to extend the limits of those supplies by relaxing as much as possible. I firmly believe that the time window available for their rescue is longer than what most people think.”

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