Elon Musk postpones Twitter’s paid verification to avoid Apple’s 30 percent cut – BDStory

Twitter’s revamped Blue subscription may not be available as an in-app purchase on iOS when it eventually relaunches, so it can dodge Apple’s 30 percent off App Store purchases, according to Platform game. When the new Blue was available for a short time earlier this month, it was possible nothing but buy it through Twitter’s iOS app. But as Elon Musk publicly tweets his displeasure with Apple, it seems he wants to avoid paying Apple’s fees.

Musk had said the new Blue, which allows people to purchase a blue verification checkmark, would be relaunched on Tuesday after signups were interrupted by a spate of imitators. But that launch has been postponed, Platform game says, and The edge also heard of the delay from a person with direct knowledge of the matter. Twitter employees have been told there will be other changes to Blue, including a one-cent price increase from $7.99 to $8 and requiring phone number verification. Platform game reports.

Over the course of this month, Musk has ramped up his tweets aimed at Apple. On November 18, he criticized the App Store discount by calling it a “30% hidden tax on the internet”. And on Monday, he claimed that Apple, reportedly one of Twitter’s largest advertisers, has “largely” stopped advertising on the social network and that it has “threatened to keep Twitter out of its App Store, but won’t tell us why. “

Apple has not publicly acknowledged Musk’s tweets, but outsiders have speculated that actions such as his mass layoffs involving teams responsible for content moderation, or the decisions to bring back suspended accounts and former President Donald Trump, could put Twitter at odds. with App Store policies. .

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