DJI’s cheaper Mini 3 drone could be launched very soon – BDStory

It looks like DJI is gearing up to launch the rumored non-Pro version of its Mini 3 drone. While a series of images posted on Twitter by DJI enthusiast Jasper Ellens provides a close-up of the retail packaging of the Mini 3, another user shared Pictures of the device already on the shelf at a Best Buy in New Jersey.

If the price tag shown in the image of this particular Mini 3 bundle is correct, the device could cost $859.99 with the Fly More kit, which includes the drone and screen-equipped DJI RC remote controller, along with a two-way charging hub, a shoulder bag, extra propellers and screws. That’s more than $200 cheaper than the cost of the $1,098 Mini 3 Pro with the Fly More combo and the same controller.

This Mini 3 kit also appears to come with three batteries that offer a slightly longer maximum flight time than the up to 34 minutes provided by the batteries that come with the Mini 3 Pro. It’s still not clear how much the Mini 3 will cost on its own, but for comparison, the Mini 3 Pro costs $669 when bought alone, and adding the standard RC-N1 controller costs $759 (or $909). with the DJI RC).

Of course, the cheaper price tag on the DJI Mini 3 comes at the cost of some features. As displayed in shared images by reliable leaker DealsDrone, the standard Mini 3 may ditch the front-facing obstacle sensors on its more expensive counterpart, and is rumored to support a range of 10 km (about 6.2 miles), as opposed to the longer range of 12 km (about 7.4 miles) on the Mini 3 Pro.

It looks like the Mini 3 stays true to the sub-250g compact design of the Mini 3 Pro and the previous Mini 2, meaning you don’t need to register it with the Federal Aviation Administration to fly it. While we haven’t gotten any hints about possible camera specs, the Mini 3 appears to have a module similar to that found on the Mini 3 Pro, which includes an improved 1/1.3-inch sensor.

DJI still hasn’t announced anything about the rumored Mini 3, and hasn’t even said anything about it yet. We’ve reached out to DJI to see if we could find out more about the upcoming drone, and we’ll update this article if we hear back.

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