Apple Music’s year-end review, Replay, is slightly better this year – BDStory

The best of 2022 lists and year-end recaps are just around the corner, including Spotify Wrapped, the streaming platform’s flashy interactive feature that’s become an annual tradition that overtakes social media by a few days. Its main competitor, Apple Music, also made some chart hits for listeners, and this time comes with some changes. Apple … Read more

Tuesday’s top tech news: Elon takes on Apple – BDStory

Oh Elon. It was pretty clear something was up when Twitter’s new CEO tweeted out of the blue that “Apple has largely stopped advertising on Twitter,” and asked if “Do they hate free speech in America?” After a question from my colleague Jake Kastrenakes, Musk confirmed that the iPhone maker was threatening Twitter’s presence in … Read more

Buying ads on Twitter is ‘high risk’ according to the world’s largest advertising agency – BDStory

Twitter could be in big trouble when it comes to generating ad revenue: GroupM, part of WPP, the world’s largest advertising company – and Twitter’s largest publisher – reportedly tells its customers that buying ads on the platform is “high risk” is, according to Platform game and Digiday. That makes it the third advertising juggernaut … Read more sent $400 million to the wrong recipient, but got it back this time – BDStory has just admitted to making another very big and worrisome writing error: it accidentally sent 320,000 in Ethereum (~$416 million USD) to another cryptocurrency exchange called about three weeks ago (via Web3 is just going great). In a message on CEO Kris Marszalek Says the Company Was supposed to send the crypto … Read more

Tumblr sells you two useless blue ticks for $8 – BDStory

Tumblr is enjoying a resurgence thanks to some recent policy changes and ongoing chaos on Twitter, and that has drawn some real-life celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Lynda Carter to the platform. However, unlike most major social networks, Tumblr does not verify the authenticity of high-profile accounts. That has caused some confusion, because without a … Read more